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Foot Care Sri Lanka

Foot Care Sri Lanka
Foot Care Sri Lanka
Foot Care Sri Lanka
Foot Care Sri Lanka
Foot Care Sri Lanka
Foot Care Sri Lanka
District Colombo
City Pepiliyana
Name Foot Care Sri Lanka
Address >No,465/1A,Snethradevi road,Pepiliyana. (Near Automiraj Pepiliyana). >No,958,Pannipitiya road,Battaramulla. (Near Nationstrast Bank) >No,696A,Kotte road Rajagiriya . (Near bluecross hospital.) >No.85,Ward place, Colombo 7
Contact Person Foot Care Sri Lanka
Telephone 0117 903 855, 0115 245 111
Mobile 0772 72 55 88
Email info@footcaresrilanka.com
Web http://www.footcaresrilanka.com/
  • free wifi
  • free parking
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Foot Therapy

Our foot massage is a relaxing therapy involving gentle foot massage. Sensitive, trained hands work on the pressure points in the feet, tensions are eased in the whole body. No oil is used for the massage. We use a cream enriched with Vitamin E. Foot massage helps to relax the muscles of your feet. Systems and help you improve your internal organs. Adjust the flow in the body by a foot massage.

Head and Shoulder Massage

A therapy massage especially for a person with stress, headache, tiredness around the eyes, neck and shoulder areas as a result of migraine or lack of sleep. By using proper pressure, the head and shoulder massage is ideal to help freshen and relax the body, which will lead to a better sleep.

Manicure & Pedicure

A manicure is a beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands. Manicures usually involve soaking the hands, applying hand lotion, filing and shaping the nails and applying nail polish. There are also special manicures, like French manicures.Pedicure is the same sort of treatment for the feet. Again, it involves soaking the feet, filing and shaping the nails and applying lotion and nail polish.

The procedure
• Washing  from shampoo bath
• Cutting of the nails
• Filing of nails
• Removing unwanted skin using a cutical cream
• Removing of dry skin by pumice stone and srapper 
• Foot scrub
• Washing of the feet ( using Dettol )
• Applying a foot cream enriched with Vitamin E
Face massage

Our facial therapy uses gentle, circular strokes along differing regions of the head, face, and neck. Finger movement is always in an upward motion.When performed regularly, keeps skin appearing tight and youthful.Just like any other form of massage, facial massage relieves tension, promotes relaxation and restores energy to the face and body by increasing circulation.


Visit our comfortably-appointed fully equipped centre at Kohuwala – Nugegoda to enjoy a friendly, respectful welcome and a warm, inviting environment that features comfy furnishings and a relaxing ambiance. Consult with a thoughtful customer service professional who will take time to understand your needs, and to accommodate your budget & schedule. Our Relaxas our dedicated team of massage therapists and reflexologists pamper you and nurture your body, releasing stress and restoring balance, to refresh, rejuvenate and revive your spirit! 

  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Relaxing music
  • Soft lighting
  • A clean environment with pleasant aroma
  • Modern equipments
  • Herbal tea
  • Parking facility 

 It provides an environment with tranquil refuge from the city\'s hustle & bustle.